Managing the positioning of volunteers

1. Add points of interest on your route

There are several ways of adding points of interest when creating or modifying a route. See more here

Once you've added your points of interest, you can add your volunteers. We explain how to do this below  

2. Managing the positioning of your volunteers
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Thanks to this feature, you will have the opportunity to manage your volunteer's spots on the different points of interest and to edit sheets for each of them.


1. Create a track

and assign it to your event. In the "Type of route" field, select: "Flagging route / race HQ"

2. Locate all your race management points as points of interest

Food supply, rescue, volunteers, control...

    3. Create your volunteers role sheets

In your user area, Volunteers section

You can import an excel file with all your volunteers.
Please, follow the instructions for importing your Excel file

For each volunteer, you can enter the following information: surname, first name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, car/motorbike licence and photo.

    4. Assign volunteers to your different roles

Open your route in editing mode, select the point of interest corresponding to the position. In the "Volunteers" tab, select the person(s) you wish to assign. For each volunteer, you can define one or more time slots. Don't hesitate to specify any personalized information you may need (e.g. equipment to be taken).


     5. Show your volunteers on the map

Once volunteer integration has been completed, you can view your points and the volunteers assigned to them on the dynamic map.

3. Print volunteers sheet

You can edit the details of each volunteer position from your user area, in the volunteers section  

To do this, open the volunteer form and click on the download pdf file button at the bottom of the screen. This form will contain details of the distances and elevation gain covered and still to be covered at the point where the volunteer will be stationed. They will be able to inform the runners if necessary.

4. Edit volunteers schedule

You also have a volunteer schedule button that lets you edit and save as a pdf file the detailed schedule of volunteers assigned to each position, with details by time slot.