Create an event
Why create an event?

When you create an event on Trace de Trail, your event is referenced in the Trace de Trail competition calendar and the associated courses in the "Official competitions" section of the search module.

You can only create an event if you are part of the organizing team !

Once the event is created, you can assign it races and it will appear in the Trace de Trail calendar. The event will have its own presentation page: do not hesitate to add content to showcase your event with an attractive page.

How to create an event?

To create an event, you have two options :

  • From your user page, section My events , click on create a new event

  • When creating a track, at the time of registration, step 5, register your route as "competition" and confirm that you are part of the organization.
A form opens, and you can enter your event details. Once you've created your event, you can associate races with it.

Please note : you'll soon be able to duplicate an existing event to create a new edition !

Add routesto your event

Once you've created your event, you'll need to link your routes to your event. You can do this when you create a route, or when you come back to modify your route (if it has already been created), at stage 5 Description :

Select competition route

Confirm that you are part of the organizing team for this competition/i>

Select your event if you have already created it or create it

You can classify your route in one of 5 categories:

  • Official route : route ready to be presented to runners
  • Work in progress (temporary) : when your route is not yet finalized
  • Fallback route
  • Reconnaissance route
  • Flagging route / Race HQ : for routes where you place your markers, etc.

The routes you have set as official courses, in public mode, will appear on your event page.

Events with private routes

Please note ! If you don't want to publish your routes, you can still create your event and link your "private" routes to it. They won't be available, but your event will be, and a message will inform users that your routes are not available because they pass through trails only accessible during the event.