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Thanks to Trace de Trail's route editor, you can plot and share all your trail-running routes quickly and precisely !

Take advantage of the automatic route planning mode on IGN or OSM paths to map your routes with just a few clicks, and find out the percentages of roads, paths and tracks using the automatic terrain editor. Unkown way : don't worry, you can edit and modify the waytypes !

Find your next trail running outing

Looking for your next trail running outing?

Discover the training routes specially selected by Trace de Trail, the official competition routes, and the tracks shared by the community.

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In the headlines
It is Festival Grandes Heures Natures week in Besa

See you from 14th to 16th june for the Festival Grandes Heures Nature, a unique moment dedicated to outdoor in the heart of Grand Besançon.

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Trail en Aubrac is coming up this week-end!

6 races to discover the wild landscapes of Aubrac, on sunday 16th!

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Leave for a roving trail run!

Routes for a 2-day (or more!) adventure in trailrunning mode!

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The 27th edition of Les Drayes du Vercors this wee

Discover the routes of the 2024 Drayes du Vercors, a classique on the Plateau, coming up this Saturday (June 15th) !

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Destinations to explore
Do you prefer the sea, lakes, countryside or mountains? Discover more than 40 destinations that welcome you and offer routes and services specially designed for trail running, whether you're a beginner or an expert trail-runner.

You'll find a selection of routes classified by level of difficulty, events to discover in the region, ideas for holidays...
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Discover our specific tools and tailor-made offers to help you prepare your routes, share them and publicise your events!

As an organiser, you can take advantage of specific features to create quality tracks for both the public and the logistics:

  • Advanced editing tools and personalised profiles
  • Volunteer POIs
  • Map creation
  • Integration on your website...