ITRA Evaluations

As part of the partnership between Trace De Trail and the International Trail-Running Association (ITRA), you can link your Trace de Trail and ITRA accounts.

Why link your Trace de Trail account to your ITRA account?

  • access to advanced tools on Trace de Trail

  • select, directly from the ITRA website, Trace de Trail routes for which you request an evaluation

  • modify your tracks on Trace de Trail and ITRA will be automatically notified to reevaluate the tracks

  • add aid stations and other POI on your routes to appear in the ITRA race calendar

How to proceed ?

  • Go to the ITRA website and log in
  • From the ITRA website, connect to Trace de Trail

Once this is done, when you evaluate your race, you'll have access to your tracks on Trace de Trail. Select the track of your choice to submit it to ITRA. The evaluation will be displayed directly on your Trace de Trail course.