Create a personalized map
Premium et Premium Pro subscribers only

This feature allows you to create a customized map with routes, points of interest and areas defined by yourself.

You can use this tool to compare and display several routes on the same map, to prepare your next roadtrip (visualize the different stages, sites to visit, etc.) or to prepare a map for your event.

Here's how to create your own personalized map:

Stage 1. Create routes and areas

Before starting to design the map itself, you need to create routes that you whant to add on your map. Cf. see detailed help here.

Similary, it is necessary to creat areas that you want to add to the map. To do this, go to your user page, in the tab My areas 

Stage 2. Create your map

Once you've created your routes and zones, you can start designing your map. To do this, go to your user area, in the tab My maps

Click on the button create a new map

Steps 1 and 2 - Add your routes and areas

Select the tracks you want to add from the drop-down menu showing all your tracks or enter the corresponding track number directly.

Once you have added your routes, you can customize their appearance: name, color, space between kilometer markers, whether or not to display the track's points of interest, etc.

Do the same thing with areas by adding them if necessary (Step 2).

Step 3 - Add points of interest

You can add points of interest as icons, custom icons or labels (text) to your map. It works in the same way as adding points of interest to a track (cf. see in details help here).

Please note: points of interest created on the map will be attached to the map. They will only be visible on the map (not on the individual route pages).

Step 4 - Map

Select the background map you wish to display by default (choose from all available backgrounds)

Step 5 - Description

Fill in the final information required to create your map:

  • Title of your map,
  • Subtitle (optional),
  • Public / private display,
  • Add to one of your folder (optional)

Once registered, find your map in the My maps section of your user page

Please note!

  • You can insert a map on your website (Premium Pro subscribers ) - Cf. See help in details here
  • You can only share a map on your website if you've set it in public mode.
Print your map

Once your map has been formatted, you can edit it in pdf format. To do this, go to your user area, section My maps Click on the pdf icon