Drawing - 6 different ways to create a track

This section explains the different ways of maping a trail-running route on Trace de Trail :

1. Import one or several GPX files

The first way to map your route is to import a gpx file. To do this, open the route editor and then :

  1. Select your gpx file with the button or slide it directly onto the map
  2. Build the elevation profile (stage 2)
  3. Specify the required description elements (Stage 5)
  4. Register your route

Tip - Combine several GPX files

If you import several GPXs one after the other, the imported tracks will automatically be placed end-to-end. However, remember to import tracks which follow the same direction and whose Fisrt track’s arrival point and second track’s starting points are matching.

If your arrival/departure points do not match, use the automatic route tools to draw the missing section.

2. Draw point by point

First, chose the point by point drawing tool , then go on the map and add your points one after another.

A problem with one of the points? Simply use the back arrow to cancel your last action.

Important: for distance and elevation to be as accurate as possible, it is important to create a sufficient number of points. For that reason, when you move your mouse to create a new point, the distance will appear in a tooltip, and can be of three different colors:

  • GREEN if your mouse's position is close enough from the previous point (less than 30 meters),
  • ORANGE if the distance is on the verge of being too big (between 30 and 50 meters),
  • RED if the distance is too big (>50 meters).
3. Create with calculated route

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This tool allows you to automatically create an itinerary based on the IGN (France) or OpenStreetMap (International) data. The calculated route is created between the last point of the track and where you click with your mouse. 

How to use?

  1. In the left menu, in "Step 1" select the database of your choice: Open Street Map or IGN France
  2. Select the "Calculated route" tool
  3. Progressively add your points to the route. You can space up the points; between each point you add, the track will be automatically calculated.

Tip 1: Handles are created as you draw your route (in the form of red nummered bullets). Take one of them and move it to edit your track.

Tip 2: You can alternate and use the point by point drawing tool for sections that do not use charted trails.

4. Duplicate an existing track
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It is possible to duplicate an entire route in a single click (route, POI, description, photos...) to create a new one.

It can be especially useful for a race, to create the following year's routes from this year's.

How to use?

  • Go on the page of the route you want to duplicate
  • In the toolbox above the title, click on "Duplicate"
  • If necessary, adjust the content of your track and complete Step 5 before saving the route.

5. Combine several routes

It is possible to create a track by adding several different routes or parts of routes that already exist on Trace de Trail.

How to combine?

To combine several routes, you just need to add them one after another. Make sure that all routes follow the previous and go in the same direction.

  1. Open the track editor
  2. Select the tool
  3. Fill in the number of the first route (you can find it at the end of the page's URL)
  4. Repeat the operation for the second route and all the following ones if necessary
6. Saving via Trail Connect

You also have the possibility to save a route by using the Trace de Trail mobile app: Trail Connect.

To do this, once you are in the app:

  • Go to the "Map" tile of the welcome screen
  • Click on the "play" button at the bottom of the screen to start saving a your session
  • Once you finish saving, click on "Create a new track" and save the information about your route
  • Once saved, the route will appear both in your Trace de Trail and Trail Connect user space