Use without network connexion
2024 April 25 - In the headlines
Trail Connect functionality

The air plane mode available in the app will enable you to access at any time to your layers and itinéraires, wherever you are, including the areas without network connexion. You can download : 

A track to follow with layers associated

If you want to make an itinerary where the network connexion is not good, download the track and the layers before your start. You juste have to :

  • Click on caching track when you're on the page of your itinerary
  • Choose the background maps you wish to load and their level of accuracy

A layer of an precise geographical area

If you don't have any predefined itinerary, but you know approximately where to you, you can download the layers before your start. Just

  • From the home screen, go to maps module
  • Create an extent (select your zone and click on the +) at the bottom right.
  • Click on Emprises at the bottom of the screen
  • Download the associated backgrounds
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