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Subscriptions allow you to benefit from more features on Trail Trace to create your courses and specific tools to highlight your event.

Trace de Trail offers two subscriptions for pr o: premium and premium +. You can purchase these subscriptions directly online with a credit card or paypal payment; You will receive an invoice by email once the transaction has been validated.
You want to make another type of payment (bank transfer ...), contact us by email.

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Features Visitor ITRA Premium Premium +
International maps OpenStreetMap / OpenTopoMap OpenStreetMap / OpenTopoMap OpenStreetMap / OpenTopoMap / OpenCycleMap / MapBox / ESRI OpenStreetMap / OpenTopoMap / OpenCycleMap / MapBox / ESRI
National maps France, Belgium, Spain and switzerland on option France, Belgium, Spain and switzerland on option
Visualization of the routes in 3D
Creating a track from a gpx file
Choice of the calculation method of the profile
Creating a track in manual mode
Creating a track from an existing track
Full copy of an existing track
Creating alternative routes
Creating sections
Quota of private tracks 5 20 50 Unlimited
Sharing private tracks
Adding points of interest (icons)
Adding points of interest (labels)
Duplicate a point of interest
Advanced editing tools to draw your route
Route planner with IGN or OSM data
Shortcut a track point by point
Shortcut a track with a planned route
Shortcut a track with my draft (to use a part of the geometry of another track)
Label "Official route"
Photo gallery for your track
Display your track on your website (iframe)
PDF and roadbook printing
Export profile points
Customize the elevation profile
Max height for profiles 300px 400px 500px 800px
Add and manage point of interest on the profile
Add free text on the profile
Use an existing profile as template
Create sections on the profile
Add a logo on the profile
Email / phone support
Communication Pack*
Trailer + subscriptions for Trail Connect with live tracking included 1 3
Annual price including tax Free ITRA members 99€ TTC 249€ TTC
* The communication pack includes the promotion for your race on the Trace de Trail Facebook page, a publication in our newsletter and a slide on the home page of the website for 15 days.
Purchase a subscription
This space is accessible to all users, even unidentified users.
Without any action on your part, your organizer space is standard and presents two tables:
  • The list of your tracks
  • The list of your elevation profiles
You can customize this space by modifying:
  • Your avatar
  • Your nickname : it may contain spaces and special characters and will replace your username for display on the site (but not to login).
  • The banner with an image in jpg format
The banner can be customized directly on your public space. For your nickname and avatar, you will need to go to your info: Menu/My Info
That's better already! But to go further, you need to create one (or more!) event to present your competition! To do this, go to the bottom of the page of your space.

If you do not have access to the creation form by being identified, it is because your account is not associated with an organizer profile. To change this, go to Menu/My info.

In the event creation form, you need to fill in several fields (name, date, image, description...) and choose the tracks to be associated with your event.

Each track must correspond to a race of your event. The traces used must be classified in competition with a date that matches the date of the event created (same year!).

Once your event is created, it will be visible on your public space and also in the competition calendar.
Contact us by email to get a customed quote
With this offer, we work on your tracks and provide them "turnkey", ready to display on your own website.
At the end of the service, you will have for each route :
  • an interactive map to integrate on your website, through a complete map module (Iframe)
  • aide
  • of the map of your route in A4 format (pdf)
  • the custom elevation profile for each route
  • aide

The benefits of this offer :

  • tracks worked for a quality presentation (tracks and points of interest, elevation profiles, points of interest table) ;
  • interactive maps and in pdf format ;
  • the offer includes access to the tools of the Premium subscription.

Contact us by email to get a customed quote
Subscribe a pro subscription with dedicated page option

The dedicated page is a website specially dedicated to the cartographic presentation of your routes, in a complete and detailed way.
This page allows you to highlight your routes and offer trail runners all the information to prepare their race.

The webpage offer includes:

  • An overview of the routes, with interactive points of interest to highlight the main places crossed. This general map is enriched with a photo gallery.
  • For each route :
    • An interactive map in 2D and 3D, each with points of interest
    • The possibility of adding alternatives routes
    • The table of points of interest giving for each point the distance and the intermediate and cumulative elevations
    • A download module to get all the information about the routes : gpx files, profile in .jpg and .csv format, table of points of interest in .csv format, general map of the route in pdf format

You can use our dedicated page creation tool yourself by choosing the option when subscribing to a Premium or Premium+ subscription or ask us to create it for you as a service.


See examples of webpages by following this link

If you choose to create yourself your dedicated page with an annual subscription, you will have access to a complete interface allowing you to set up your own customized dedicated page.

Test the interface for creating a dedicated page without subscription

The benefits of this offer :

  • A personalized access url for which you can choose the subdomain (
  • Promotion for your race on the Trace de Trail Facebook page, a publication in our newsletter and a slide on the home page of the website for 15 days
  • Tracks worked for a quality presentation (tracks and points of interest, elevation profiles, points of interest table)
  • Responsive web page: suitable for consultation on smartphones and tablets
  • Custom page according to the graphic charter of your website
  • French / English / Spanish version (a language can be added if you take care of the translation - file of about 3000 characters)
  • 3D view with points of interest

Contact us by email to get a customed quote

Trace de Trail offers an advanced profile generator to illustrate the different stages of your track. You can create a totally personalized altimetry profile that will allow trail runners to easily identify the difficulties of the route..
Intermediate distances and elevations can also be displayed on this profile.

We offer two products based on these profiles for the day of your competition :

  • The individual profile that each trail runner can take on the course and consult throughout his race. Several formats are available :
    • a plasticized profile that the trail runner can put in his bag
    • a double-sided plasticized profile with zip that the trail runner can hang on his backpack: this format makes it easy to consult the profile in any season. The zip is customized with two Doming stickers.
    • a tatoo profile to put on the forearm, more adapted to summer conditions (preferable short sleeves ...)
    • These profiles may be offered to trail runners or sold with an option to activate when registering for the race.

  • The profile on PVC tarpaulin: this profile in large format can be placed on a support adapted to be seen by the runners on the day of the race.
  • aide
Contact us by email to get a customed quote

Trace de Trail is visited by over 10,000 users a day. Take advantage of this audience of trail runners to make known your event.

We can offer you a highlight of your competition

  • on the Trace de Trail homepage as a slide (4 simultaneous slides)
  • aide
  • on the search and / or home page as a vertical banner
  • a targeted display on the pages of the tracks of a list of French departments and / or country as a vertical banner
  • aide

    We also realize the sending of newsletter provided by you that we distribute to our users (110 000 mailings in June 2019). The opening rate of the mails is between 25 and 30%.

Trace de Trail has a solid experience in developing mobile applications around outdoor events (trail running, mountain biking, hiking ...).

We can offer you a custom application, available on iOS and Android, to present your events to participants.

This application can integrate several modules including :

  • the presentation of your routes with maps for offline access: during the race, runners will be able to locate at any time on the map using GPS of their smartphone
  • an emergency module to contact the organization in case of problems and share its position
  • a live tracking module to be followed by his friends with the mobile app or an online interface
  • the program of the event, the partners...

Contact us by email to get a customed quote

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