Insert a map on your website
To display a map on your website, Trace de Trail provides you with a webpage that you can use inside an iframe html tag.
To get the code to insert on your website, go to the page of your track.

Only specific pages whose URL is provided by Trace de Trail can be inserted on your website. You can not load another page of the site (the home page or the page of your track for example)

To get this code, you must go to your track page and open the More tools block. Then choose the layer that you want to display according to the location of your track.
You also need to choose the height and width of the iframe on your website. These dimensions can be easily modified in the code that you will copy.
All you have to do is copy this code and paste it into the html page of your website.

To use some layers, you will need an access key. To get it, go to your profile (Menu / My Info) : you will find tutorials to get these access keys.


You can change the style of your track and profile from the track page and save it (More Tools / Save the style of my track) : this style will also be used for the page on your website.

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